About Us

Founded in March 2018 in Montreal, Canada TOTALLY AGREE plays blues-rock music and takes their inspiration from classic American bands. 

TOTALLY AGREE band members are Andrey Khmelev - guitar and vocal, Joseph Rodriguez - guitar and drums, and Andrey Vlasov, who joined a bit later than the other two as a drummer. 

Totally Agree Band
(Joseph Rodriguez, Andrey Khmelev, Andrey Vlasov)

The band's debut album, JAM & BUZZ, was released in 2019. Two more albums followed: JOHN LOOPER and I CAN'T STOP

These bodies of work truly reveal TOTALLY AGREE'S musical ability and showcases how they mix different genres into various compositions. TOTALLY AGREE has also created non-album compositions that have a totally different sound to them. At present, TOTALLY AGREE is focused on creating more music for their fans.